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What is Kasupe?

Founded in 2007 by Davy and Sally Chilakalaka Kasupe seeks to:

Advance the education of children in Malawi
Relieve poverty in Malawi
Provide shelter or accommodation, where required
Promote good health for the children of Malawi

Davy was born and raised in Malawi in a family that struggled to educate him beyond high school. He was extremely blessed to be financed by a church group for his college education, which led to a scholarship to study in England. Kasupe was formed to fulfil a lifelong passion to help others in Malawi to have similar opportunities to improve their lives. We  believe that education is a key factor in relieving poverty and creating a sustainable, self-sufficient future.

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Kasupe Projects

some of our accomplishments

Primary School

In 2013 Kasupe Primary opened the first 2 of 8 classrooms, transforming the lives of 216 children.

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Secondary School

Kasupe have built a second block to educate their secondary school children.



Sponsorship is needed to help children go on to higher education to fulfil their ambitions.


Mushroom Project

Income generating to assist Kasupe in becoming self-sufficient. Teaching skills.


Football and Netball

Sport is a valuable ingredient to the lives of children and since 2012 Kasupe has distributed donated kits for both football and netball.


Goat Breeding

Farming is an integral way to help the community to help feed itself and  grow to also provide a future income.


Fresh Water

Water is the life source source for us all but doesn't always flow clean and freely for us all. You can help change this and change lives.


What they Say?

"When your thoughts, passion, wishes & dreams won’t go away it’s time to act. It would take more than a testimonial to express my experience embarking on my trip to Kasupe."

Sally Coles-Robertson

how to

Get Involved

Social Sharing

In these times when money is short your support can also be given freely by sharing our website and Facebook page with your friends or retweet us on Twitter. The more people we reach the more people will discover this wonderful part of the world and the amazing children of Chigonere.


Fund Raisers

For the more adventurous or sporting, you could do some fundraising for Kasupe.

John Hubbard is running the London Marathon in October 2022 in support of Kasupe.

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If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate any amount no matter how small then you can also donate via Virgin Money Giving or Paypal.


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