The children of Chigonere Village


Tish, one of our former trustees, visited Chigonere Village in 2010 to teach English. The children were all so motivated to learn and all had ambitions to become teachers, nurses, lawyers and accountants. Kasupe now sponsors 10 children to help them to complete their higher education, giving them the opportunity to escape poverty. There are other children who also need your help now.


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MORE Kasupe Projects

some of our accomplishments

Primary School

In 2013 Kasupe Primary opened the first 2 of 8 classrooms, transforming the lives of 216 children.

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Secondary School

Kasupe have built a second block to educate their secondary school children.



Sponsorship is needed to help children go on to higher education to fulfil their ambitions.



Income generating to assist Kasupe in becoming self-sufficient. Teaching skills.


Football and Netball

Sport is a valuable ingredient to the lives of children and since 2012 Kasupe has distributed donated kits for both football and netball.


Goat Breeding

Farming is an integral way to help the community to help feed itself and  grow to also provide a future income.


Fresh Water

Water is the life source source for us all but doesn't always flow clean and freely for us all. You can help change this and change lives.